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St. Charles Place District

New Orleans, Louisianna

Located between the Riverfront Park, The Garden District & The Expanded Convention Center and Warehouse Districts, in the heart of historic New Orleans the Saint Charles Place District is planned to be a regional cultural, hospitality, residential, entertainment and employment center concentrated around the historic power plant. The District will become a vibrant 24-hour center that offers lifestyle options and opportunities to accommodate work, play, and living in a high quality urban environment. New housing is a modern complement to the historic character of the area and includes everything from family-oriented townhouses to apartments, condominiums and popular live/work loft residences & hotels offering many choices of lifestyle and price. A mixture of retail services, such as a neighborhood market and specialty boutiques, serve everyone from area residents to regional visitors. Community life is active in the District including outdoor cafes, restaurants and use of the new neighborhood parks and public plaza. Patrons of the adjacent cultural institutions, such as the Riverfront Park Amphitheatre and the Convention Center can arrive early for performances and stay late to enjoy the full urban cultural experience that the District offers. Architecture that builds on the strengths of New Orleans rich heritage and the Historic Power Plant will be a powerful image for the area. Human scale parks & people places will leverage New Orleans unique cultural assets, climate & history adapting re-use of the historic Entergy Power Plant into a vibrant entertainment center will serve as a magnet for tourists and energize the district and lend an exciting image. Planning study was completed in 2007.