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Millennial Media

AIA Maryland, Excellence in Design Award, 2015
ABC Award of Excellence, 2016

Millennial Media & Cross Street Partners
Baltimore, Maryland

As a fast growing tech company headquartered in Baltimore, Millennial Media expanded their operations into the large floor plate of the historic American Can Company factory building. 

The expansion required a smart strategy for occupying the sprawling space while keeping the culture intact and employees connected. A circulation ‘avenue’ was cut across the space to better connect remote points and act as organizing circulation. A central ‘node’ was created in the town hall, which accommodates a variety of activities from casual meetings and employee dining, to company-wide presentations. To allow for the mobility embraced by the laptop-oriented company a variety of work spaces were created with varying levels of light and acoustic privacy. Off the central circulation spine ‘neighborhoods’ of open workspace were developed, broken up by bars of enclosed meeting rooms and offices. To gain additional square footage while taking advantage of the ceiling heights, the program was lifted toward the clerestory windows by adding mezzanines on top of these enclosed rooms. These lofted spaces provided break-away space for programmers, areas with whiteboard for meetings, recreation space for games, etc. Light shafts protruded through the mezzanines to bring natural light to the enclosed rooms below.

The open floor plan is defined by a series of internal paths that create hierarchy within the office. A large gathering space in the center, the ‘town hall’, acts as a large meeting room for the entire office, as well as a flexible gathering space for employees. Mezzanines are orange bars that are positioned directly underneath the light monitors for the space and act as informal offices for smaller groups.