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Posts by Magda Westerhout

The Importance of Volunteerism and Pro-Bono Work in Architecture

Over the course of my career, I have found great satisfaction in the profession of architecture. As Bob Borson notes in his blog ‘Life of an Architect‘, “the practice of architecture is a lifestyle, not a job, and the results of our work can positively impact people’s lives”. I have found the intersection of volunteering […]

Reflecting Back: Magda Westerhout

Marks Thomas 50th Anniversary Glens at Guilford groundbreaking. I came to Baltimore in 1982 for a year and fell in love with the city and stayed. In 1987, I decided I needed a job with a future. Times were good and there was a lot of opportunity for young architects. I was very involved with […]

The Importance of Affordable, Accessible Senior Housing

With rents soaring and a large senior population, providing options for affordable, accessible senior housing has never been more important.

Creating Homes for the Homeless: Challenges and Solutions

Architecture and design alone can’t solve the problems of communities in need — especially the homeless. Here are 3 models that can help.

How Affordable Housing Transforms Communities

Affordable housing is getting harder to find in the U.S. But public investment in smart housing projects can transform entire neighborhoods.

A Case for More Affordable, Sustainable Housing

Planned well, housing can be both affordable and sustainable, yet good options are hard to come by in today’s market.

Creating Community Through Fitness

When the Y of Central Maryland asked us to create a facility with community and fitness in mind, we created a space to push forward the Y’s mission.