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Generations Unite: A New Housing Model

Intergenerational housing becomes popular as it closes generational gaps and maximizes resources for homeowners.

Marks, Thomas Architects: Some of Our Most Memorable Projects

Our team of associates recounts some of the most memorable projects they’ve worked on while at Marks, Thomas Architects.

Achieving Work-Life Balance in the Architectural Profession

Architecture professionals rank in the top 10 “burnout” careers in America. Find out how we help our employees achieve a greater work-life balance.

Baby Boomers Will Demand Choices in Their Retirement

Baby Boomers have a very different view of aging than their parents did. What will drive Boomer decisions on where to spend their retirement years.

Gender Disparity in the Business of Architecture: Why Do Women Leave?

During the recession, Marks, Thomas became a certified Woman Business Enterprise. How it could be helping attract more women to the field of architecture.

Why Baltimore Is Primed for Growth

Vibrant cultural institutions, affordable housing options, top-ranked hospitals and universities — Baltimore has it all and is set to grow.

How to Get Funding for a Low-Income Housing Development

In the wake of protests and riots in Baltimore, the need for better low-incoming housing options is all the more real. How can you fund a project?

How Architecture, Nature, and Health Intertwine

Access to nature comes with a number of health benefits. How can architects and urban planners integrate nature into their work?

Evidence-Based Design in and Beyond Health Care

A lot can happen when architects and interior designers base decisions on research. Here, a look at the past, present, and future of evidence-based design.

Architecture with Health and Wellness in Mind

As architects, we need to consider how the buildings we design promote or limit the health and wellness of the people who inhabit them.