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Reflecting Back: Faith Nevins-Hawks

Marks, Thomas Architects 50th Anniversary AIA Awards Ceremony, 1995. Why Marks Thomas? Twenty Five years ago I was at one of those crossroads in life. Do I move to DC to work for a large architectural firm of separated experts in silos? Do I move to LA to find the boutique design firm that would […]

Generations Unite: A New Housing Model

Intergenerational housing becomes popular as it closes generational gaps and maximizes resources for homeowners.

Marks, Thomas Architects: Some of Our Most Memorable Projects

Our team of associates recounts some of the most memorable projects they’ve worked on while at Marks, Thomas Architects.

Achieving Work-Life Balance in the Architectural Profession

Architecture professionals rank in the top 10 “burnout” careers in America. Find out how we help our employees achieve a greater work-life balance.

Baby Boomers Will Demand Choices in Their Retirement

Baby Boomers have a very different view of aging than their parents did. What will drive Boomer decisions on where to spend their retirement years.

Gender Disparity in the Business of Architecture: Why Do Women Leave?

During the recession, Marks, Thomas became a certified Woman Business Enterprise. How it could be helping attract more women to the field of architecture.

Why Baltimore Is Primed for Growth

Vibrant cultural institutions, affordable housing options, top-ranked hospitals and universities — Baltimore has it all and is set to grow.

How to Get Funding for a Low-Income Housing Development

In the wake of protests and riots in Baltimore, the need for better low-incoming housing options is all the more real. How can you fund a project?

How Architecture, Nature, and Health Intertwine

Access to nature comes with a number of health benefits. How can architects and urban planners integrate nature into their work?

Evidence-Based Design in and Beyond Health Care

A lot can happen when architects and interior designers base decisions on research. Here, a look at the past, present, and future of evidence-based design.