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Webinar Series to Explore Challenges, Solutions to Adaptive Use Projects

April 22nd, 2015 by

Adaptive use and historic renovation projects are notoriously complex, no matter the size or scope. When undertaking these types of projects, one thing is clear: expertise matters. On April 28, we’re kicking off a new, free webinar series to share what makes expertise so critical and the many factors involved in making these projects a success. Developers, property owners, and anyone considering an adaptive use or historic renovation project are encouraged to register and attend this webinar series.

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Recognizing that a wide variety of skilled professionals are required to successfully execute adaptive use and historic renovation projects, we’ve assembled five industry experts to discuss the hurdles, pitfalls, and quandaries developers and property owners often encounter. The first webinar, “Solving Today’s Adaptive Use Challenges,” will walk you through the opportunities and challenges of developing creative and practical adaptive use projects, while the following three delve into the legal, financial, and construction implications. Together, the series gives you a rare chance to hear experts across a range of specialties paint a full picture of what these projects entail.


In each webinar, our speakers will focus on a key concept related to their particular industry:

Union Mill

Our goal with the webinars is to present these four key concepts in a way that helps unlock the potential for a new generation of development projects that successfully integrate adaptive use and sustainable design principles. These projects can play a key role in establishing vibrant mixed-use neighborhoods by revitalizing individual properties. Analysis, research, and experience have enabled us to develop new methods of extending a building’s functional life and future flexibility, while preserving strong links to its unique history.

Miller's Court

At the conclusion of this four-part series, we expect participants will be able to:

For developers interested in projects that revitalize urban communities while preserving the essential character of historic buildings, these events should not be missed. We invite you to register and look forward to the first conversation at 1 p.m. on April 28.

Webinar: Solving Today's Adaptive Use Challenges